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Quarantine kicked my ass so here's some photos

Left: I learned how to make pizza! I didn't use any yeast, so it's more like a thin crust pizza. It's small but it's enough for me and that's what matters right now.
Right: I didn't just learn this but I just love making turkey burgers and homefries.

Left: Made jam :) Surprisingly easy, I didn't even use pectin and it was a lot less sweeter than the storebought jam spreads I usually get.
Right: I got a donut maker and learned how to make donuts and glaze. This is so much easier on my wallet and a lot less sweeter than the donuts I usually buy!

There was more that I made but I didn't take photos of them.... aw well. I guess this is really one of the only good things to come out of quarantine.
13 Aug 2020

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