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SA2 LOG 2: No...Nooo!!!
Back at it again, playing SA2 and logging my Chao raising progress. Between this log entry and the last one I decided to compile a bunch of my sessions into one entry. I forgot to count how many hours I spent playing but since I could see the play time, it was about 10 hours? Not long but with the progress I made, it makes sense. I hadn't done an entry in a while because I had a lot of work to catch up on in the past month and a half, and since I started playing Dragon Quest 11, I hated the idea of getting on my computer to play video games when I could just get in bed and play DQ11 for maybe 60 hours. (yeah, I know... I had a short period where all I did was play video games. Ugh) Maybe what I really need is a new chair that's more comfortable. Really thinking about getting myself a fancy gaming chair. *thinking emoji*
ANYWAY, onto the more important stuff. I ended the last log with me starting to raise Soot after evolving Dusty. A lot has happened since then!

A lot.
Halfway through raising my Chaos I had realized I wanted to make a Chaos Chao at some point... so I'd want the Chaos I have now to have really good skill stats. I went ahead and checked a few but suddenly a new kind of fear dawned on me... What if I'm raising them with the wrong skillsets. SHIT. So, without research (yeah that's important for later lol), I started checking the ability stats of my Chaos... Zephyr's looks ok but why is their Run stat A Rank?...What? And Ares' stats look awful!? Why's it so bad?

I really had no idea what I was doing but I did know that I could change their stats based on what animals I fed them.... The only one whose ability stats actually looked fine was Dusty. (I didn't screencap the medical chart, but Dusty has an A Rank for Run, the EXACT skillset I raised 'em for) After that whole mess I decided that I would at least try to raise my chao correctly. So with knowing that I could change the stats of abilities with certain animals, I decided to try using one animal that I know would only add to their stats rather than add some and take away others: the undead dog. It's a pretty good animal. It raises the intelligence of your chao and raises every stat along with raising its main focus stat (Run). So I had a feeling if I used it constantly, my Chao would grow with a stronger Run stat. And so, that's how I raised Soot.

He's getting stronger, faster.
Raising Soot went well, with the usual chao drive grinding... yadda, yadda.

Great! Turned out EXACTLY as I thought it would! I haven't checked Soot's stats after I evolved him but before he evolved, everything was pretty average except for Power which was awful. After that I didn't really do much with Soot or the others, I just left them be in their gardens. NOW for the last Chao of the trio! Smoker!!!!!!!

I had left Smoker in Kindergarten Prison for too long... so he learned a skill (one skill) and it looked really cute right next to Dusty? Rare event, so I snapped a screencap without thinking, no brain cells style.

My immediate thought was, "Ok THIS is it. THIS is the final stretch. After this, I'll finally have the running trio complete and then I can go about having the Chaos age like normal and start breeding!" I could see so clearly then. Oh how I wish to go back to that feeling.... I raised Smoker just as I did Soot. Checked the stats, they're kinda bad (D Rank for Run and Power, B stat for Swim and Fly) but I can fix it right? I just fed 'em a bunch of undead dogs! I also may have caught a glitch while raising Smoker? I tested this out with my other Chao and the other garden fruits but I noticed that the Hero Garden fruit gives more stamina points than the Dark Garden and normal Chao Garden fruits. Usually when you feed them they can get 1 or 2 points. The Hero Garden fruit gives 2 or 3 points. Not sure how that works but if I'm going to be raising the stamina stat for the next few Chao I have, I will definitely opt to use the Hero Garden fruit. It may really just be a glitch but uh if they didn't fix it I'm gonna take advantage of it!! :)

I rechecked the stats for Smoker right before he started to evolve. The run stat didn't budge at all. Well! I did work on the run stat the most right? I think the Chao evolves based on the last stat that it interacted with right? So Run would've been the last stat right? Alrighty then! We're good to go!! So I just kept feeding Smoker Chao drives and...

YES.... YEEEESSSSS!! FINALLY!! we're done fellas... I can just let them age from here on out and then we can try to breed for two tone Chaos... I worked so hard for so long on just--


NO. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?? WHAT! No! Absolutely not! What the HELL happened? Ok so this is where I decided to go and do some actual research and figure out what the heck happened. This is what I found out: If the Swim ability stat is higher than the Run ability stat, it'll turn into a Swim type chao........bullshit. This is so stupid! How could I have been so blind. So ignorant. I felt dead on the inside for about 5 minutes before deciding to rename this chao; his name is now Ripple. Now I got this Hero/Swim type Chao with incredibly high Run skill stats. Incredibly cursed. I'm so baffled? Stupefied!? ....ugh. If ONLY I had done proper research earlier this wouldn't have happened... Anyway, I have to mess around for a bit before I can get another white Chao egg. It hasn't shown up in the Black Market for a while now so I'm a little worried I won't see it in stock any time soon and I may have to just go ahead with breeding without Smoker.... which is fine I guess. I now have Ripple who will pretty much be a breeding cow front and center for two tone chao breeding for the next few sessions.

This is so messed up. Why did it have to be this way...
Anyway I think that's enough Sonic for now. Ah, speaking of Sonic, I watched the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! Not gonna go into it or spew my thoughts and conclusions about it here, but I really enjoyed it and may go back to watch it a few more times. I'm thinking of maybe writing my thoughts on it here. That would be fun.

Session: 2019 Dec 12th - 2020 Feb 18th || Total Time: 10 hours
19 Feb 2020
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