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SA2 LOG 1: Dusty!
It's been 500 years since I'd last touched a single video game. Having work take up a good portion of my time really sucked the life outta me. Luckily it was a seasonal position and I have time to slowly get back to freelance work. With my newfound time I decided that returning to the thing I'd started during the summer was the only right thing to do.

This is the only game I've logged countless hours into when I was as tiny as a thumb. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to log the same amount of hours or even more! I've never really 100%'d the game in my entire life, but I know that I've logged a ton of hours just raising several chao instead of actually collecting emblems. At some point I'd like to remake some of my old chao but that'll be in the future when I've collected more emblems. For now I wanna show the chao I've been raising for a bit before I took a break from playing:
This is Dusty! A grey chao that I hatched a few months back. Since this is the first time in a while that I'm touching this game, this is where I left the stats off at. Luckily Dusty's abilities are skewed so that Run is her best stat! Regardless I still fed 'em some animals just in case I could raise the grade of the ability. (It didn't work so far so I guess I'll wait until adulthood) An hour or so of chao drive grinding allowed me to put her in some Jewel races.
Of course she's up against evolved Chaos... but her run stat is capped so she's gonna make them eat her dust :)
And of course she trips within the first few seconds of the race....... restart.
I ended up completing the Peridot track. I think the biggest flaw of this game is not really having much of a challenge once you cap certain stats, but I guess it can be overlooked since this game is freakin' loaded with content. The Challenge races really put me on edge if I'm gonna be honest. It seems like the only good chao for races like those are any of the chaos Chaos. They take so long to raise... o(<
Right after finishing the track she cacooned and evolved! And then I shoved her in the Kindergarten so time basically stops for her :) I swapped her in for Delta and Zephyr. Facing the dilema of what type of Chao I should aim to get I'll probably end up letting them mature into neutral/swim/swim and dark/fly/fly respectively since I can't be assed to try anything else out. Though, I guess if they reincarnate I can always raise them into different ability types. *thinking emoji*
I guess this is where I try to snag more emblems so I can get shiny eggs.... but in the meantime I'm probably gonna end up raising Soot, the dark/run/run chao I really wanted! Back on Twitter Dot Com I've mentioned that I got three chao eggs: black, grey and white. I ended up calling them the Monochrome Trio and wanted to raise them into run/run chaos of all three alignments. They're named Soot, Dusty and Smoker respectively. (I've also considered making human form designs for them...one day I'll get to it)
It's Soot! I shoved them in the dark garden since that'll be her alignment. Next time I log anything from this game I'll probably concatenate a few sessions into a longer post.

Session: 2019 December 2nd || Total Time: 3 hours
02 Dec 2019
gaming sonic adventure 2 chao

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